Contract Furniture

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CFI Suite
Built on the NetSuite Platform
for the Contract Furniture Industry

Utilizing our years of experience with NetSuite and Contract Furniture, we have developed an industry specific edition of NetSuite called CFI Suite.

CFI Suite enables the dealer to manage nearly their entire company on one business system, improving efficiency and scalability, decreasing operational costs and increasing profitability.  

Features and Benefits




Complete sales cycle management including leads, opportunities, quotes/bids, influencer and pipeline reporting.


SIF Importer

Simple importing of SIF files onto the Opportunity, Quote, Sales Order and Purchase Order transactions.


Accounting & Financials

Real-time reporting, account reconciliation, and support for multiple companies, allow the dealer to manage all financial aspects of their business.


Project Management

Understand the efficiency and true costs of your projects with CFI Suite.  Includes task management, activity tracking, job costing, time tracking, and profitability reporting.  


Synchronized Invoicing

Manage cash flow with this custom report.  Visibility into percentage collected from customer vs paid to vendor.  Includes automated reminders and scheduled invoicing.  



Native functionality allows the dealer to build sophisticated automation for business processes.  Customizations can also be created to automate complicated tasks.


Web Services

With full support for SOAP web services and REST-based integrations, CFI Suite allows you to integrate with manufacturers, vendors and external applications.


Business Analytics

Powerful reporting and search capabilities give the dealer deep insight into all data.  CFI Suite includes an easy to use analysis tool that includes Excel like formulas and pivoting of data.


True Cloud Computing

Run your company’s IT operations with nothing more than a browser and an Internet connection.  Your data is securely hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device.

Custom Solutions for your Industry


For dealers, the ability to produce Quotes and get them quickly into the hands of prospects and clients is vital.  CFI Suite allows dealers to simply import a SIF file to a Quote record and email it to a client or prospect as a PDF with just one click.  The Advanced PDF Templating system allows you to customize the PDF directly inside of the platform.  This customization includes the ability to apply If-Then-Else logic to templates giving you the ultimate flexibility for generating highly personalized quotes.


For a service company that is managing complex projects, communication directly in the business system is imperative.  CFI Suite allows the user to initate and receive email inside the platform.   Sophisticated automation tools, which are core to CFI Suite, can be configured to automate emails based on business rules.  Additional SuiteApps can be purchased through the SuiteApp store that enable SMS and Phone Integration. 


Managing AR/AP and cash flow for a dealer can be a challenge.  The standard implementation of CFI Suite comes equipped with modern, sophisticated accounting functionality and reporting that simplifies these processes.  Account Reconcilation; Bank Integration, Income Statement, Aging, Trial Balance Reports along with Budgeting are a few of the features of CFI Suite.  The advanced implementation of CFI Suite supports multiple legal entities along with consolidated financial reports across subsidiaries.  This advanced functionality allows the dealer to have separate legal entities for service and sales sharing the same database, all on the one platform.


Using CFI Suite, dealers are able to manage much of their business on one platform.  However, there is software specific to the industry, that CFI Suite will need to integrate with.  SuiteTalk Web Services Integration, which is core to the platform,  simplifies the process of integrating with applications including existing on-premise investment and third party cloud applications.  Supporting SOAP and REST-based integrations, CFI Suite allows the dealer to utilize their existing software and take advantage of future applications.  


In order for a dealer to operate efficiently and profitably, having insight into key business metrics is a priority.  CFI Suite has dashboards which are configured by organizational role and put the most important metrics front and center.  Since CFI Suite is cloud based, everything is happening in real time on the platform which means you have real time reporting of your business, allowing you to immediately  identify and correct issues.  There is no longer the need to compile reports.  SuiteAnalytics is the reporting engine built in CFI Suite that allows you to create and save queries of the database and even pivot the data like in Excel.