NetSuite & ERP Success Partners Help CFI Company Juggle Multiple Projects at Once

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Working with ERP Success Partners, King Business Interiors implements NetSuite + CFI Suite to manage its growing organization, streamline its operation, and gain efficiencies.  

With a successful 10-year career with an established furniture company under her belt, Darla King left her position with an offer to partner in a new startup company. One year later, the partnership had yet to materialize and King knew she had to make a decision. Seeing opportunity to start her own enterprise, she and her husband formed King Business Interiors in November 1998.

Early on, King Business Interiors’ vision of being “more than a furniture vendor” was clear. By sticking to that vision and always going the extra mile for its clients, the company has steadily grown from a 5-person startup into a successful 70-person business.

Zero Punch List

Today, King Business Interiors serves hundreds of clients in numerous markets and industries. Along with being a Haworth furniture Best-in-Class dealer, the company represents 300+ furniture lines; operates a full-service commercial flooring division, offers inventory and warehousing; and provides total move management services. Across all of these offerings, the company adheres to its long-time mission of always providing customers with a “Zero Punch List” (i.e., error-free with the first installation).

A true environmental steward, King Business Interiors has also taken on the challenge of matching gently-used furniture with area associations and non-profits in need. Through its “Connecting the Dots” program, it aligns their existing clients procuring new furniture with local organizations that helps reduce the amount of furniture that’s discarded and/or that winds up in the landfill every year.

“Every day that we’re installing furniture and flooring in our clients’ spaces, we’re thinking about where the existing materials and furniture are going to go,” said Chelsea King, VP of marketing and design and, as Darla’s daughter, a second-generation company leader. “We evaluate the products to make sure they’re durable and safe, and then relocate them to local nonprofits and startups in Columbus.”


Ready For A Change

Historically, the furniture industry has relied on a selection of operating systems that were developed specifically for the sector. “When I joined the company, I learned those systems and assumed that was just how we did things and that’s all there was,” said King, who began attending leadership events and dealer conferences. From those experiences, she gained a better understanding of the business systems and technology available to furniture dealers.

Ready for a system that could supports its growing operations, King Business Interiors started looking at the basic order management systems designed for its industry. It also assesses various third-party customer relationship management (CRM) applications, plus another one to handle punch lists. Adopting those systems would be a vertical move versus an actual upgrade, says King, who learned about NetSuite Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) after hearing that several large Haworth dealers were adopting the platform.

“A few years later, we ran into ERP Success Partners at a dealer-to-dealer event, and they talked to us about some of the NetSuite customizations that they were offering, including CFI Suite,” King recalled. “They made the ERP investment sound more achievable and financially viable for us, so we decided to give NetSuite a shot.”

King also liked how ERP Success Partners had in-depth knowledge of the contract furniture industry, and that it wouldn’t be “starting from scratch” with King Business Interiors’ implementation. CFI Suite’s unique features include built-in CRM, .SIF to quote importer, AP automation with OrderBahn, PO acknowledgments, and other platform functionalities that give companies visibility into data; increase profitability by making better, informed decisions; increase scalability; and manage multiple locations legal entities on a single, integrated platform.


“Having CFI Suite already structured and ready to support us, but still being able to have customizations for our specific business, was great,” said King, who considers ERP Success Partners an extension of the King Business Interiors team. “They took the time to understand our process and where we were coming from, what we were looking for, and what we were struggling with. Then, we collaboratively came up with a solution that truly worked for us.”

Everything They Wanted

With its NetSuite implementation complete, King Business Interiors can now do more with less, take on new growth, and help its associates add time back into their workdays. The company also has a unified ERP to work from, instead of having to transfer data back and forth between its disparate technology systems. And thanks to ERP Success Partners’ integrations, most of those industry systems are connected directly to the ERP, effectively eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and reducing errors.


NetSuite also gives King Business Interiors quick access to reports that it previously had to piece together using spreadsheets and disparate systems. With sales teams working diligently on multiple projects—all of which are at different phases—at once, having that data on a single dashboard helps ensure that “nothing ever falls through the cracks,” said King, whose core mission is to ensure that technology serves as a strong tool for our sales team to manage everything that’s on their plate. By working with ERP Success Partners to implement NetSuite, she got exactly what she was looking for…and more.