Avalara-CFI Suite Sales Tax Integration

Automated Sales Tax Compliance For The Contract Furniture Industry

Avalara reduces the hassle and complexity of tax compliance at every stage — no matter the industry or size of your business. Integrated with CFI Suite, Avalara eliminates ZIP-code-based tax inaccuracies and eradicates manual updates of tax rates and rules. Avalara integrates with the AP module in CFI Suite to handle consumers use tax, and also offers fully integrated returns and certificate management. Once installed and configured, AvaTax takes over sales and use tax calculations for the entire quote-to-cash process.


30,000+ customers


17.6 billion transactions processed annually


1,000+ pre-built integrations


15+ years of tax compliance experience


3,300+ employees dedicated to making tax compliance accurate

How Avalara & CFI Suite Connect

Key Features


Exemption Certificate Management


Automated Filing & Remittance


12,000+ Tax Jurisdictions Accuracy


Multi-Location and Sales Channel Compliance


Nexus Tax Liabilities Tracking


Product Inventory Taxability Rules Management


Increased Resource Efficiency


Automated Audit Risk Assessment

Case Study


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How does exemption certificate management work?

The AvaTax SuiteApp will retrieve Order Acknowledgements via the Document Web Service. The SuiteApp is monitoring for these Acknowledgments and will electronically create them in CFI Suite within a matter of minutes once they are available.  Acknowledgments can then be managed within CFI Suite via a dashboard and other productivity tools.

How does filing and remittance work?

When it’s time to file, you can reconcile a single worksheet and pay one amount for your total tax liability. Avalara-CFI Suite works with state and local governments to file and pay on your behalf.

How many tax jurisdictions are supported in the United States?

Avalara-CFI Suite verifies addresses with rooftop accuracy across 12,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States. Moreover, this ensures tax is applied more accurately than when relying on ZIP codes and decreases the chance of wrong delivery.

Is tax for customer purchases via multi channels and locations supported?

Avalara-CFI Suite lets you apply a single tax profile to each customer. That means the appropriate tax is applied whether they purchased through your web store, a POS system, or direct sale.

Are tax obligations in different states assessed?

Avalara-CFI Suite solution tracks your economic nexus tax liabilities in states where you’re potentially obligated to collect. Detailed reports will alert you when you’re about to trigger tax obligations in new states.

What about taxability rules for wider product inventories?

Avalara-CFI Suite maintains a vast catalog of product taxability rules in order to apply the appropriate tax across thousands of SKUs.

What about audit risk and tax-exempt sales?

Avalara ensures your tax-exempt customers are keeping their certificates accurate and up to date. When certificates expire or become invalid, the system provides an alert at the time of sale.

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