Introducing PayBuddy – The Comprehensive Canadian Payroll Solution in NetSuite

Feb 20, 2024 | Partnerships

If you’re a Canadian business running on Oracle NetSuite, you might be familiar with the struggle of finding a reliable payroll solution. Many businesses face the same question during NetSuite customer engagements: “Do you have a payroll solution for Canada in NetSuite?” Unfortunately, the answer has often been no. However, Aarialife Technologies, an experienced and reputable Oracle NetSuite partner operating in Canada, decided to change this narrative by developing PayBuddy.

Tailored for NetSuite Users

PayBuddy is the comprehensive Canadian payroll solution designed specifically for NetSuite users. Frustrated by the lack of options and tired of providing negative answers to customers, the Aarialife team took matters into their own hands. They aimed to offer a fully integrated and unified payroll management experience within NetSuite, eliminating the need for juggling different interfaces or managing separate applications.


Seamless Integration with NetSuite

At the core of PayBuddy is a native NetSuite solution that operates seamlessly within the platform. This means that Canadian businesses can effortlessly handle their payroll processes without ever leaving the familiar NetSuite environment. As a result, managing payroll becomes a significantly more efficient and streamlined process.


Success Factors

But don’t just take our word for it. Awais Ahmed, Finance Manager at Premium Fence Inc., shares his experience with PayBuddy: “We got PayBuddy to do Canadian payroll for NetSuite, and it’s working seamlessly for us. The best part is, we can access it within NetSuite (Not a separate portal), and you can pass the journal entries to NetSuite in real-time. The development team was knowledgeable, great to work with, and quick to resolve problems. I highly recommend PayBuddy if you want the Canadian payroll solution for NetSuite.”


The PayBuddy Advantage

PayBuddy’s success lies in its commitment to providing a comprehensive, compliant, and financially viable payroll solution for Canadian businesses. By building a native NetSuite solution, Aarialife Technologies ensures that customers no longer have to manage different interfaces or applications. PayBuddy works hand-in-hand with SuitePeople HR, further enhancing the HR and payroll management capabilities within NetSuite.


Canadian Payroll Management Made Easy

If you’re ready to simplify your Canadian payroll management and take advantage of a seamless integration with NetSuite, it’s time to consider PayBuddy. Say goodbye to the frustrations of outdated processes and expensive integrations, and embrace a new era of efficient and compliant payroll management with PayBuddy.

Lead with Vision, Navigate with Precision

Are you tired of managing the complexities of payroll? Reach out to PayBuddy now. 

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