PayBuddy – The Perfect Payroll Solution for Growing Canadian Businesses

Feb 28, 2024 | General Business, Partnerships

Unlocking the Power of PayBuddy: Aarialife Technologies’ Comprehensive Canadian Payroll Solution

PayBuddy, a product from Aarialife Technologies, has revolutionized the way Canadian businesses handle payroll management on Oracle NetSuite. Aarialife Technologies, an experienced and reputed Oracle NetSuite partner operating in Canada, recognized the common pain point faced by NetSuite customers: the lack of a comprehensive payroll solution for Canada. Determined to provide a reliable solution, the Aarialife team took matters into their own hands and developed PayBuddy.


PayBuddy is a game-changer for Canadian businesses using NetSuite. It offers a fully integrated and unified payroll management experience within NetSuite, eliminating the need for juggling different interfaces or managing separate applications. PayBuddy operates seamlessly within the NetSuite platform, allowing businesses to handle their payroll processes effortlessly.


User Experience

Satnam Becker, Vice President of Finance and Administration at APX Landscaping and Nurseries Ltd., shares their positive experience with PayBuddy: “Our payroll requirements are unique as a seasonal business. We switched to PayBuddy, taking payroll in-house. PayBuddy adds value to our overall operations, saves time/effort, and creates efficiency by having everything within the NetSuite platform. We have much better costing data, the flexibility of making changes in-house, and we have saved in payroll processing costs.”

Comprehensive Functionality

PayBuddy’s comprehensive functionality caters to the specific needs of Canadian businesses. It allows businesses to manage weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment cycles, ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. With PayBuddy, managing employee HR inputs becomes a breeze, as the solution is customizable to fit the unique requirements of each organization. Additionally, PayBuddy provides extensive payroll reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to generate payslips, T4s, and payroll reports for all pay cycles with ease.


Leave Management

PayBuddy goes beyond just payroll management, offering a comprehensive leave management feature. This feature allows businesses to create and manage leaves and balances, process leave applications, and view leave balances all within the NetSuite platform. PayBuddy streamlines the entire leave management workflow, including multi-level approval processes, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce effectively.


If you are a growing Canadian business using NetSuite, PayBuddy is the perfect payroll solution for you. Say goodbye to outdated processes and expensive integrations, and embrace the power of a simplified and efficient payroll management system with PayBuddy.

Lead with Vision, Navigate with Precision

Are you tired of managing the complexities of payroll? Reach out to PayBuddy now. 

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