improve your netsuite transaction processing time by up to 95%

Multi line edit tool

The Multi Line Edit Tool enables all NetSuite users performing transactions to simplify and streamline their NetSuite transaction lines through mass-editing in a single click. This innovative SuiteApp helps to save time, boost efficiency and streamline transaction processing, transforming the entire process into a seamless spreadsheet-like experience.

Costs: as low as $500/month per NetSuite instance. 


How MLET Works?

The Multi Line Edit Tool has revolutionized our processes, proving to be a game-changer. Whether it’s modifying 50 or 200 lines within a vendor-specific quote embedded in a 500-line document, the impact is truly remarkable. Previously, this task would take a minimum of 15 minutes, but with the tool, efficiency has soared, reducing the time by over 95%. This newfound efficiency not only saves time but also enables us to allocate more resources to strategic activities. It’s become an invaluable asset for anyone handling extensive data sets.

Julia Torres


Built for All Industries. All of Them. 

  • Line Drag-and-Drop on NetSuite transactions. 
  • Mass-update +200 lines in a single click depending on your NetSuite account setup.
  • Filter and sort data to quick locate specific transaction lines.
  • Effortlessly move and resize columns for a personalized view.
  • Dark mode enabled.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick data manipulation.
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Who can Use MLET?

Anyone performing NetSuite transactions will reap the most out of the Multi Line Edit Tool. Optimize your workflow effortlessly with our acceleration tools. Execute mass updates across multiple transaction lines, quickly filter and sort data, and customize your view by effortlessly moving and resizing columns. Supercharge your productivity today.

Enhance Efficiency & Productivity

The Multi Line Edit Tool enhances the manipulation of NetSuite Transactions with an enhanced ability to filter lines for mass-updates purposes.

Say goodbye to screen-hopping as our tools eliminate the need for navigating between multiple screens. Experience a significant reduction in transaction processing time, minimizing errors and empowering users for a smoother workflow.

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Download your free MLET brochure. 


Learn how our SuiteApp enables NetSuite users to simplify and streamline their NetSuite transaction lines through mass-editing in a single click.


What are the pre-requisites of using MLET?

You need to have a NetSuite ERP account first.

What about Industry limitations?

There are no Industry limitations. This tool is built for all industries under the NetSuite umbrella.

How much does the MLET subscription cost?

MLET costs as low as $500 per month.

Is the pricing based on the number of users?

No, the license covers the entire account, ensuring your cost remains constant even with additional users. 

What about the setup?

We would recommend to have it fully configured by our team. Alternatively, MLET does not require advanced technical expertise for configuration. Our setup guide empowers end-users to configure it themselves, with additional assistance available from our team when needed.