TAMISS | International Food Distributor Uses NetSuite ERP to Get a Window into its Business  

Working with ERP Success Partners, TAMISS moves from fully-manual business management systems to a modern, unified enterprise resource planning platform.

Known for its health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids, and delicious taste, dried fish is a popular culinary option for people around the world. Knowing this, TAMISS specializes in the import of dried, salted fish for customers throughout Congo (Brazzaville) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Founded in 1995, the 50-employee company initially focused on importing automobiles and beverages from Europe, with Thétis Matsouika’s father (the company’s founder) handling most of the business activities.  

When the decision was made to focus on the import of dried, salted fish from suppliers in Senegal, TAMISS began to experience significant growth. Today, the company leads the market in its specialty area in Congo (Brazzaville), with most of its products being imported from Norway.  


Thétis, President, sees his father’s decision to pivot from automobiles to food as a very good one. “I never asked him why he made that decision,” he explained, “but it’s worked out very well for us.”

From Manual to Automated

After several years of trying to run TAMISS Europe and TAMISS Congo (Brazzaville) using manual systems, Thétis went in search of a technology platform that could help him bridge that geographic gap while providing good visibility into his company’s operations.

“We were clearly on a growth path as an organization,” he said, “and I know how important it is to have perfect knowledge of your business and control over what’s going on in your organization.” 

In 2018, after considering Sage and a few other enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, Thétis decided that Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP would be the perfect fit for his growing organization.

“NetSuite addressed all of our needs. Plus, it’s a market-leading ERP, so the decision was pretty easy as I thought about how to prepare my company for the future.”

Gaining Better Control

Working with ERP Success Partners, TAMISS implemented NetSuite ERP and hasn’t looked back since. It uses the ERP for its day-to-day business activities, including sales control, accounts payable, financials, and other functionalities. Most recently, ERP Success Partners added NetSuite’s fixed asset management module to TAMISS’ technology stack.

Introduced to ERP Success Partners through a mutual acquaintance, Thétis said the NetSuite Partner ensured a smooth implementation and addressed his company’s needs very well throughout the process. “Everything went very well and ERP Success Partners helped us achieve our implementation goals,” he said. “We’re very satisfied with the outcome.”

With NetSuite ERP in place, Thétis said he has a 360-degree view of everything that’s going on in his company, regardless of where he’s located or where the activity is taking place. “I know exactly what’s going on at any given time,” he said. “I can be anywhere in the world and know what needs to be done, what our sales volume is, and what areas of the business require my attention.”

An Eye on the Future

Like most companies, TAMISS felt the negative impacts of the global pandemic and is looking forward to economic recovery in the post-COVID world. When that happens, Thétis plans to revisit a plan to implement NetSuite ERP at his company’s DRC branch. 

“We’re keeping an eye on the economic situation and market stability, and anticipating a time when we can work with ERP Success Partners to leverage more of NetSuite’s functionalities.”