Large Commercial Laundry Service Gets a “Clean” Start with NetSuite
Working with ERP Success Partners, Dry Cleaning Services successfully implements NetSuite Cloud ERP to run its growing operations.

It’s been more than 70 years since Dry Cleaning Services (DCS) opened its doors in Mauritius and began serving local clients with a high-touch approach to linen cleaning and laundry service. Since then, the company has grown into the largest of its kind within its geographic market. 

Along the way, DCS has entrenched itself as an industry pioneer, a leading provider of specialized and high-quality cleaning services, and a company that is continually implementing new environmentally-sustainable practices.

Serving the World’s Top Brands

Today, DCS provides a wide range of services as well as high-end technological equipment to hotels, airlines, hospitals, and clinics. With a customer list that includes Holiday Inn, Lux, Sofitel, St. Regis, and ClubMed, the organization has perfected the art of catering to these essential establishments’ needs for laundry solutions.

With an eye on sustainability, DCS uses a softening plant to ensure the best possible water quality; an aqua recycle plant that recycles up to 70% of the water used in its operations; and continuous batch washers that allow it to more precisely dose its Ecolabel detergents. The latter help optimize washing quality while minimizing waste, thus reducing DCS’ impact on the environment.

A Clean Slate

With 270 employees, DCS ranks as Mauritius’ largest commercial laundry service. “We do have some competitors in the market,” said Shellen Gunnoo, Factory Operations Manager, “but none of them have the capacity to wash the volumes of linen that we’re able to handle. We’re the biggest.”

As DCS has grown, it’s client base has expanded to include a wider selection of hotels and different customer groups. Up until about two years ago, the company was still managing most of its operations using paper, manual processes, and spreadsheets.

The Best Fit
“We needed a more modern approach, so we started looking at what kind of system we could implement to handle our day-to-day operations. The company explored a few different options and decided NetSuite Cloud ERP best fit its needs.”

Shellen Gunnoo, Factory Operations Manager

A Trusted Partner

Working with ERP Success Partners, the company implemented NetSuite ERP and was up and running on the system within the desired timeframe. Today, DCS uses its ERP to handle functions like the management of inbound and outbound customer linens; employee payroll; accounting; and purchase orders.

“We got some help from ERP Success Partners, which showed us how simple NetSuite is to use,” said Gunnoo. “They also provided training and guidance on how to use the new ERP and developed several different statistical and analysis reports for us.”

By replacing its manual, paper-based systems with a unified ERP system, DCS can now analyze in detail the costs associated with its customer orders. It can also better assess its total costs of doing business and generate reports that support good decision-making.

“We also have much better controls in terms of the products that we’re buying and selling, all of which are classified in our system,” Gunnoo explained. “Where it used to take days or even weeks to prepare one customer report, we now have that information right at our fingertips.”

On the Near Horizon

Looking ahead, DCS plays to implement a customer portal that its clients can use to place orders and monitor progress on existing orders. It also wants to further explore NetSuite’s core functionalities, knowing that it’s a problem not maximizing those capabilities yet. DCS will also continue to work with ERP Success Partners. 

“There were a lot of things we didn’t know how to do in NetSuite and ERP Success Partners guided us through each step along the way, both during and after implementation.”