NetSuite Helps Software Provider Bring Home Health Care Into the Future

Alaya Care Case Study

Global health care software powerhouse works with ERP Success Partners to implement and use NetSuite Cloud ERP across all of its locations.

A provider of cloud-based home health care software, AlayaCare gives its customers—most of which are home health care providers—an end-to-end solution spanning clinical documentation, back-office functionality, client and family portals, and mobile care worker functionality.

Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in Montreal and has a presence in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. With 500 employees worldwide, AlayaCare is the end result of several mergers and acquisitions that took place over the last few years, with Procura, Arrow, and Accunet as the three main entities that were acquired to form this health care software powerhouse.

The ERP of Choice

When AlayaCare acquired Procura in late-2019, the former was using Xero while its new acquisition was already on the NetSuite platform. To get all team members working and operating from the same playbook, the combined company decided to make NetSuite its ERP of choice. This decision would extend forward to its future acquisitions of Arrow and Accunet (plus those acquisitions that have yet to happen).

“We realized that we needed to be able to scale,” said Tracy McGlone, AlayaCare’s Corporate Director of Finance, “so we contracted ERP Success Partners to help us implement it and went live on NetSuite in April 2020.”

Today, AlayaCare uses NetSuite’s core financials plus its contract, commission, and advanced revenue recognition modules. “Like any other company, managing revenue from our customers is a key focus for our finance team,” said McGlone, whose team also uses the ERP for electronic bank payments and OneWorld for managing its multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.

“Because we’re located in the three different geographies,” McGlone explained, “it was important that our software could manage all of that and provide access in real-time, regardless of the employee’s current location.”

An Experienced Implementation Partner

When AlayaCare decided to implement NetSuite, some of its staff members had never used the ERP before. Those employees had just experienced a major acquisition, and now needed an experienced, reliable partner to help it through this next transition. AlayaCare found exactly what it was looking for in ERP Success Partners.

“Having an experienced partner like ERP Success Partners, which had years of experience using and implementing NetSuite, was a big plus,” says McGlone. “They were a sounding board for when we were deciding which modules we needed. ERP Success Partners came up with the pros and cons of why we should or shouldn’t use specific NetSuite modules.”

With NetSuite in place, AlayaCare was well positioned to manage the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and particularly when it came to remote work. “Everyone can access the ERP in the cloud, including all of the reporting, searches, business intelligence tools, and other resources,” said McGlone.

Thanks to NetSuite and ERP Success Partners, the company’s BI team was able to continue extracting data from NetSuite, using that data in their BI tools, and then displaying it on different dashboards for numerous management teams. “We have about 14 vice presidents on our management team that can all easily view the data,” said McGlone, “and then align it with our corporate key performance indicators (KPIs).”  

More to Come

As an organization that expands through acquisition, AlayaCare already has its sights set on its next deal. McGlone says the strategy works well for the company, which can move into new geographies or customer segments without having to start from scratch. With NetSuite as its core business system, AlayaCare will move any newly-acquired company over to the platform as they come onboard.

“We’ve been using NetSuite for a little more than a year now and everyone is comfortable working with it,” said McGlone, who would like to integrate HubSpot, the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, into NetSuite at some point in the future. AlayaCare will implement and integrate a separate governance risk and compliance GRC) tool and integrate it with Netsuite later this year.

As it further optimizes and integrates with the NetSuite platform, AlayaCare will continue to call on ERP Success Partners as its go-to implementation partner.