Inhal’Nation Clears the Air with NetSuite & ERP Success Partners


Seeds of Growth (1984-2010)

Inhal’Nation sprouted as a humble flea market stand in 1984, growing into a distributor and retail franchise. From brick-and-mortar beginnings, the company expanded into a wholesaler and burgeoned to 28 locations. The stage was set for a journey marked by resilience and innovation.

Navigating Turbulence (2010-2022)

As economic challenges and online retail disruptions raged, Inhal’Nation faced a storm. Undeterred, they pivoted, diversifying product lines and exploring new territories. The looming issue of managing 5,000+ SKUs without an inventory system became evident, signaling the need for a transformative solution.

NetSuite: A Beacon of Hope

In the quest for an answer, Inhal’Nation explored various ERP solutions. NetSuite emerged as the beacon of hope, offering robust inventory management and comprehensive business process optimization. The decision to implement NetSuite became a pivotal moment in Inhal’Nation’s journey.

ERP Success Partners: A Strategic Alliance

While initially implementing with another company, Inhal’Nation’s dissatisfaction led them to ERP Success Partners. The meeting with Mark Rhyman and the team convinced Inhal’Nation they had found the right partner. ERP Success Partners became the catalyst for success, providing dedicated support, technical expertise, and a roadmap for optimal NetSuite utilization.

Symphony of Success with NetSuite

With NetSuite as the backbone and ERP Success Partners as the guide, Inhal’Nation orchestrated a symphony of success. Modules such as RF-Smart and packing stations streamlined operations. SuiteCommerce powered their B2B site, seamlessly linked to inventory. The partnership ensured ongoing support, functional repairs, and tailor-made customizations.

Transformation Unveiled and Future Horizons

NetSuite bestowed upon Inhal’Nation newfound insights into internal workings, financial clarity, and accurate inventory management. Armed with these tools, Inhal’Nation emerged stronger, poised for the future. The journey continues with upcoming customizations, improvements to the B2B site, and the launch of a new B2C site, affirming Inhal’Nation’s commitment to growth and excellence.


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