5 steps to your NetSuite implementation success

Apr 20, 2023 | General Business

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like NetSuite, several factors will contribute to the overall success of the project. As with any large IT project, evaluating, selecting and implementing the right ERP requires upfront planning, an effective project team and good communication across the entire process.

The most successful ERP implementations also involve a partner that not only understands the systems that it supports—but that also knows your industry. As a longtime NetSuite Partner, ERP Success Partners uses a 5-step process that starts with pre-implementation, extends to post go-live support and includes all of the interim steps necessary to ensure a smooth, successful software implementation.

“Implementing an ERP system can be a complex undertaking that affects many parts of the business. As with any major initiative, a carefully designed implementation plan is critical. Dividing your implementation into phases, each with clear objectives, can maximize your success,” NetSuite points out. “In contrast, diving into an ERP implementation without first establishing clear project direction, scope and structure increases the likelihood of encountering significant problems later.”

5 Steps to Success

At ERP Success Partners, we understand—and can readily address—the intricacies and challenges of implementing an enterprise-wise software platform. Here’s an overview of the process that we use with every NetSuite implementation:

Step #1: Discover

After officially kicking off your project, we’ll delve into your change management and data migration strategies, knowing that these two project elements play a core role in the success of any new ERP implementation. We also help train your project team and provide personalized sessions with team members who require additional support.


Step #2: Configure

Here’s where we configure NetSuite to meet your company’s needs and develop any specific customizations that you may need. We’ll walk you through all of the processes and develop the necessary user acceptance testing for your new ERP platform.


Step #3: Train 

Next, we’ll finalize the data migration and complete the ERP walkthrough and user acceptance training. And, we’ll conduct the end user training that will help get everyone up and running on the system quickly and seamlessly.


Step #4: Deploy  

At that part of the journey, we’ll turn NetSuite on during a go-live event and then start providing any post go-live support that you’ll need to get the most out of your new ERP.


Step #5: Grow

Implementing a new ERP is not a “set it and forget it” event. To get the biggest benefits out of your investment, you’ll want to continually optimize, tweak and enhance your ERP as your company grows and scales. At ERP Success Partners, we help you achieve those longer-term goals by providing ongoing optimization and support.

NetSuite: A Powerful Business Tool

The most successful ERP implementations are based on well-defined requirements, the redesign of processes (i.e., to help you get the most out of the system), a configuration approach that supports those processes and then rigorous testing that takes place before the ERP is rolled out for everyone to use. “Successfully navigating all of those steps on schedule requires careful planning and a structured, phased implementation approach,” NetSuite points out.

An incredibly powerful business tool, NetSuite automates business processes, helps you do more with less and can give you a leg up on your competitors. When the ERP is set up and implemented the right way—and then supported and optimized by ERP Success Partners over time—it provides all of the capabilities and functionalities that your growing business requires.

Well-versed in NetSuite and committed to your success, ERP Success Partners will always put you first—from the very early selection stage to go-live to post go-live, and all points in between. With experience across various industries, we also provide a wide range of knowledge, expertise and insights that you can leverage throughout your ERP journey.

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