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Chassi Empowers Business Process Optimization Through Strategic Partnership with ERP Success Partners

Sep 11, 2023 | General Business, Partnerships

In an era defined by technological advancement, partnerships in the tech industry have become the driving force behind innovation and customer value. Today, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting new collaboration that promises to redefine the landscape of business consultation. Chassi, renowned experts in business process optimization and ERP Success Partners, a dynamic player in the world of NetSuite systems, have joined forces to embark on a journey that will empower businesses with unprecedented insights. 

Empowering Process Optimization through AI 

At the heart of Chassi lies a mission to demystify continuous improvement within core business processes. Their journey began with a commitment to providing clarity where it was once elusive. Chassi’s AI-powered modeling tool acts as a virtual MRI for your ERP system, offering features like objective visualizations of process performance, record relationship maps, and a deep understanding of as-is processes. Chassi’s culture is anchored in three pillars: Grit, Character, and Intelligence, guiding their actions in both good and challenging times

An Unprecedented Commitment to Business Transformation

The partnership between Chassi and ESP is not just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to revolutionize the way businesses operate.  

Erick De La Fuente, Head of GTM Strategy at Chassi, emphasizes the significance of this partnership in enhancing business decision-making through objective data. He states:

ERP Success Partners and Chassi together will enlighten business leaders to use objective data to lead their businesses to the future.

Erick De La Fuente

Head of GTM Strategy , Chassi

The alignment between Chassi and ERP Success Partners transcends shared goals and values. It also extends to the complementary nature of their products and services. NetSuite aims to optimize working capital, reduce waste, and eliminate errors. With Chassi’s technology, they can achieve this in a fraction of the time while delivering data-backed recommendations.

Furthermore, Chassi envisions making data-backed insights accessible to businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. This partnership opens doors to new revenue bands, geographies, and industry verticals.

Value-Added Synergy

Chassi’s technology perfectly complements ERP Success Partners’ offerings by providing a data-driven approach to business optimization. Together, they can offer businesses not only recommendations but also the ability to measure the impact of those solutions. 

The partnership between Chassi and ERP Success Partners signifies a transformative moment in the world of business consultation. It encompasses the alignment of goals and values, the expansion into new markets, and the elevation of ERP Success Partners to a different tier of consultants. Most importantly, it removes the guesswork behind business transformation, replacing it with data-backed insights that will shape the future of business success. As these two industry leaders embark on this collaborative journey, the possibilities for businesses are limitless, and the impact is bound to be revolutionary. Stay tuned for more updates as we witness this partnership in action, driving innovation and customer value to new heights. 

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