Why NetSuite Support is Vital to ERP Implementation Success

Jul 26, 2021 | General Business

Through good times and challenging periods, all businesses need a solid support structure to keep their operations on course, their revenues growing, and their customers happy. Without sound support in these or other areas, the challenges to growth and success can start to mount pretty quickly.

These lessons apply in the software implementation world, where a strong support structure can mean the difference between a successful experience or one that’s fraught with obstacles and roadblocks. By taking a tailored approach focused on process improvement and account optimization, ERP Success Partners always considers growth as the common denominator for proposed solutions.

Similar to a central nervous system, an ERP gives management teams the insights that they need to be able to make good decisions; understand what’s happening with customers, suppliers, and employees; and coordinate their companies’ resources in a way that allows them to optimize business opportunities, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

With multiple ongoing support engagement models, ERP Success Partners will give your company all of the ERP implementation and post-go-live support it needs, and without charging you for what you don’t need or use. From ‘Pay As You Go’ project-based support to a Support Contract (where we manage your entire NetSuite account), you control your budget and define what level of engagement you want to have.


Fostering Strong Customer Relationships

When it comes to software implementations, we know that every business is different. Some companies have been at the forefront of integration of new solutions while others have stuck to older, tried-and-true approaches. Still others fall somewhere between these two extremes. As more and more companies start down the path to digital transformation—or, advance down a path that they’ve already carved out for themselves—the need for reliable implementation partners is growing exponentially.

Having developed a tailored approach that includes access to experts in key domains (e.g., accounting, manufacturing, software, etc.), dedicated support teams located in various time zones, around the clock support, and options that include a bank of hours, ad-hoc support, and tailored training, we do everything possible to ensure that our customers have a positive experience when selecting, implementing, training on, and using NetSuite Cloud ERP.

For example, our “train the trainer” model helps companies build out a pool of competent instructors who can then teach the rest of the team how to use NetSuite. Your ERP implementation partner also ensures that your system is still going strong and performing well years into the future. It will also help you maintain and optimize the system over time by proposing precise mechanisms and best practices that your internal IT team can follow.

Using a high level of transparency, we focus on customer return on investment (ROI) as a rule, and work to maintain long-lasting relationships with those clients—often growing right alongside them as their organizations mature and develop. Operating with a flexible mindset that adopts to meet all of our customers’ needs, ERP Success Partners’ consultants accompany their customers as they tackle the complexities of ERP implementation.


Thriving on Responsiveness

With 80% of its team members currently certified as NetSuite Consultants, ERP Success Partners keeps up to date with all new NetSuite releases (there are generally two per calendar year). These are just some of the ways that the company provides a high level of service, support, and technical expertise to its vast customer base.

“We’re committed to providing a high level of excellence,” says Serghino Felix, Partner at ERP Success Partners. “Through our customer portal, our customers have 24/7 visibility into the status of their projects, and we’re always one call away. We thrive on responsiveness.”


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