The NetSuite 2021.1 release is here. Are you Prepared?

Feb 24, 2021 | General Business

The NetSuite 2021.1 release is on the horizon. Each year, Oracle NetSuite releases two major upgrades to honor its commitment of constantly improving its products to remain the #1 Cloud-based ERP.

What You Need To Know?

NetSuite embarked in 2021 with key new features and some including:

| Functionalities helping to streamline and automate Financial Operations.

| The embarkment of SuiteProjects

| Enhanced functionalities to Inventory Management

| New Industry-driven analytics 

Are You Prepared?

In short, this update is related to making its products more loaded with improved intelligence and automation capabilities. This upgrade will be through, on a rolling basis, till April 2021 and existing customers will be upgraded in phases. If you are already onboarded on NetSuite ERP, be sure to access your Release Preview environment to test workflows, customizations and integrations.  

For more information on when your Release Preview environment will be available, please log in to your NetSuite account and click on ‘Personalize > New Release.’

Any past customer having gone through past NetSuite upgrades would acknowledge their importance and would rely on official sources to get the full picture, to take advantage of the new features. For a full-fletched documentation, see Oracle NetSuite’s official release notes:

Find out more about the official Industry-Specific enhancements here:

Do You Need Assistance?

Being ‘Partner of the Year 2021 – Breakthrough Alliance ECEMEA’ and having obtained a 4-star rating from Oracle NetSuite, ERP Success Partners is able to assist you with the necessary processes so you can focus on your business activities with a peace of mind.  


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