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CFI Suite will enable you as Steelcase dealer to increase your profitability and enhance your operational efficiency. You will run your business under a single platform which helps eliminate disparate systems, and software which do not “talk to each other.”


The global contract furniture industry is evolving at an unrivalled pace and is expected to reach around $75 billion by end of 2022, from $58 billion in 2021. As furniture dealer, you need a powerful business solution to rely on, enabling you to focus on your operations and revenue rather than on disparate solutions which can hinder your productivity.




Field Service Management

Sales Tax Integration

Warehouse Management

... & more


Built on the global-leading cloud ERP

Through R&D and with our expertise within NetSuite & the furniture industry, we have developed a suite of extensions to ensure optimal efficiency within your furniture business. CFI Suite leverages Oracle+NetSuite’s infrastructure (the global-leading cloud ERP) which provides a robust technology and security model to ease your business processes.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.

CFI Suite can be customized for the Steelcase dealership of any size requesting any specific requirements. Your CFI Suite account can be enhanced with specific features based upon your needs.

next-gen infrastructure

CFI Suite, leverages SuiteTalk Web Services to ensure its connectors meet Industry Standards. It provides a range of approaches to build reliable and scalable integrations that extend CFI Suite into any business process, while ensuring secure data exchange.

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Case Study - King Business Interiors

success story

erp success partners helps cfi company juggle multiple projects at once

Working with ERP Success Partners, King Business Interiors implements NetSuite + CFI Suite to manage its growing organization, streamline its operation, and gain efficiencies.

success story

insidesource uses netsuite to support the remote working environment

Working with ERP Success Partners, Insidesource completes a fast implementation of NetSuite in response to customer demand.

Case Study - King Business Interiors

success story

canadian cfi company will use cfi suite to hit $40 million in sales

Working with ERP Success Partners, HBI Office Plus implements NetSuite to move onto the cloud and launch a functional website that features live inventory and a broader geographic reach.

what they think. and say.

Your Success is Our Success. Here’s what our customers think about our Contract Furniture expertise. 

ERP Success Partners know how our Industry works and what we’re trying to accomplish. Their team gets us, and truly understand our industry and our goals.

Trisha Fox

CIO, PeopleSpace

Working with ESP really feels like an extension of your team – they are dedicated to truly understanding your business process, ideating an efficient solution, and solving problems with you.

Chelsea King

VP of Design and Marketing, King Business Interiors

ERP Success Partners interacts regularly with our dealer community to continually learn and innovate CFI Suite. It’s the talented team and innovative leadership at ERP Success Partners that makes them such an important part of our team.

Linda Vigilante

Director of Process Administration and Staff Development, Price Modern

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