Leading Technology for Haworth Dealers to do More With Less

Few would argue with the operational, tactical and strategic benefits that come with having a unified, enterprise-wide software platform in place. Not only does this software effectively remove the silos that prohibit effective collaboration, waste time and throttle growth, but it also serves as a single source of truth for all users—something that disparate solutions, Excel spreadsheets and manual processes can’t even come close to matching.

For Haworth contract furniture dealers that are juggling shifting customer demands, the ongoing pandemic, persistent supply chain disruptions and other challenges, being able to consolidate their operations onto a single platform creates significant efficiencies while also allowing them to work smarter, better and faster.

Doing More with Less

Using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform like NetSuite helps dealers coordinate sales, accounting, finance, human resources and inventory across the entire business. Instead of having multiple departments order and track supplies, for example, an ERP can spot over-ordering, while preventing duplicate orders and unnecessary supply stockpiles. It can also help dealers identify problems with deliveries, lost orders, tracking and other issues.

Developed by ERP Success Partners, CFI Suite takes NetSuite a step further and allows dealers to process orders in real-time with the Haworth Lynx Connector. This tool helps to boost the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of dealers with complete automated order processing. With the complexity of the contract furniture industry—from pricing confirmation to real-time visibility on parts—Haworth NetSuite connector allows seamless syncing of entities, transactions, pricing Information and more (from Haworth NetSuite Connector).

Used by many dealers, CFI Suite is becoming the platform of choice for forward-thinking dealerships that want to diversify their business channels while consolidating their data and operations into one modern system. CFI Suite helps dealers manage nearly their entire company on a single, unified business system. They can improve efficiency and scalability, decreasing operational costs and increasing profitability with:

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Complete sales cycle management including leads, opportunities, quotes/bids, influencer and pipeline reporting.

2. Automation

Native functionality allows the dealer to build sophisticated automation for business processes. ERP Success Partners can also create customizations that further help dealers automate complicated tasks.

3. Accounting and Financials

Real-time reporting, account reconciliation, and support for multiple companies, allow the dealer to manage all financial aspects of their business.

4. Project Management

Understand the true cost and profit of projects with the order insights module. Calculate gross profit and commissionable gross profit; manage tasks; and generate in-depth reports that support smart decision-making.

5. Everything in the Cloud

Run your company’s IT operations with nothing more than a browser and an Internet connection. Your data is securely hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device.

6. Business Intelligence Analytics

Powerful reporting and search capabilities give the dealer deep insight into all data. CFI Suite includes an easy-to-use analysis tool that includes Excel-like formulas and pivoting of data.

The Time is Now

Built with Haworth dealers in mind, CFI Suite also includes a number of extensions that help streamline the contract furniture dealer’s operations. For example, the Line Import Tool simplifies the time-to-quote process with drag-and-drop importing of SIF, CSV, XML and other files, while the Multi-Line Edit Tool lets dealers update group pricing and mass-update various item lines with a single click.

Built on NetSuite for the contract furniture industry, CFI Suite helps dealers rid themselves of multiple, disparate applications and brings their data into one customizable system with end-to-end operational visibility. Isn’t it time you explored the efficiency and productivity gains that come from using a single, unified platform specifically built for your industry?

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